Furniture Assembly Service in Maryland

You've just taken the drive to the Furniture store, and you've selected the right piece for your house. Now comes the hard part, putting things together.

Although they all say "easy assembly" we all know that there is always more to the story. The reality tends to include minimal instructions, broken resources which cause your headache, and your busy lifestyle and lack of free time finish it off. So it's great to have somebody put your furniture together so that you can enjoy your new addition to your home. This is where we come in: we love to put stuff together and bring new furniture to life!

Why Choose Us?

We're second to none when it comes to furniture assembly service in Maryland. Our team is extremely experienced in customization and exceptionally attentive to detail. We offer high-quality furniture assembly services for both individuals and business owners.

Wide Range of Services

We deliver a wide variety of services that complement your needs. We take care of unpacking, inspecting, floor safety, installation of ready-to-assemble or flat-packing furniture and clean up.

Experienced Pros

Everyone in our team are certified professionals with years of experience dealing with heavy furniture and expensive goods. This allows us to finish each project effectively in the shortest time frame.

Locally Owned Company

Being a locally owned firm, you get an added layer of trust. We guarantee accurate and upfront forecasts, low minimums and no secret fees. We always arrive on-time, prepared and use only the right tools.

Our Furniture Assembly Process!

Get An Estimate: Fill out our online form with all necessary information and we will give you a detailed estimate as soon as possible.

Furniture Assembly: On the day of your assembly, our experienced assembly team will come on schedule, in uniform and ready to bring your furniture together easily, gently and securely. All boxes and packages will be opened, and packaged according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Aftercare: Our experienced team ensures a thorough cleanup of all of the work materials, cutting down all of the boxes and tidying the work area to enjoy your home or office immediately after the assembly is complete.

Instead of spending hours figuring out which piece would fit where let us help put it together for you. Our locally-owned firm is at your service 24/7 and will help you with all your furniture assembly needs in Maryland. To get a free estimate, click here or call us at 442-574-6045.